Makeup Tips

Basic Knowledges for Bride In Getting The Best Result of Makeup On The Wedding Day

bbmua-6Before the session of makeup takes place should be understood the very important knowledges, as Mr. Osmond Kitrana &  Mr. Johnny Andrean said:

  1. For the results make up and hair do as expected; collect references like what the make up & hair style do you want, source can be from a special magazine wedding makeup, internet, recommendation of friends, or directly with a professional makeup artist.
  2. The right time for makeup tests/rehearsal makeup is at least a half weeks later than one (1) month or together at the time of pre-wedding. Make-up test needs to accompanied by family or friends, should either ask your friends or family at the time of test makeup to give input, but if confidence could itself wrote.
  3. The style color make-up and hair styles, the trend natural makeup style that exudes an aura of glamor remain a favorite, for eyeshadow color; pink, silver, and mauve (pastel colors) trends and widely used. For blusher; favorite color are peach and pink, with brown shading, for lipstick, the favorite are nude color; rose pink, red and peach pink.
  4. Abstinence prior to makeup and hair do squeeze acne treatments should be avoided, because the skin will be irritated and red, the skin around it will also peeling.
  5. Stop outdoor activities that requires your skin directly full contact to sunlight, for the hair do not do chemical processes in the near future so that the hair had time to rest and the conditions are not damaged by the chemical process.

Wedding Makeup Tips


The pressure to look good on your wedding day is huge. whether you want to have natural or colorful makeup for your wedding let our guide help you look fresh faced and camera ready for your big day.

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 Wedding Hairstyles for Long & Short Hair

bbmua-14Be inspired by our ideas for wedding hairstyles. Whether you have long or short hair you’ll find ideas to give you the best look for your wedding whatever the the time of year and whatever the wedding theme.

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