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Find any choice of your bridal styles for your wedding ceremony and party in Bali. We offer the best result of Balinese Style and Western Style by the best services and best prices. Our experiences in handling bridal for Balinese and Western style is absolutely guarantee. Don’t worry and come to us.

  luhAll About Us

  Name  : Luh Arsining (Luh Dede)
  Professional Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist
  Experiences in International Wedding Organizer
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 Email : info@balibridalstyle.com
 Office/Beauty Salon : Jalan Pasar Sindhu – Banjar Sindhu Kelod, Sanur 

 Denpasar – BALI 

 Mobile; 081-338-120092 

 Other Page; http://www.balibridalstyle.com/

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By Your Trust, We Serve You The Best!